Fire Detection Sys.

When choosing a fire alarm system, it is crucial that the selected system type is suitable for your structure. Our experienced project team ensures…Read More

Nurse Call Sys.

As an organization, we are recognized for the quality of Nurse Call Systems we establish in hospitals and clinics. A multifunctional wired and wireless solution…Read More

Sound Sys.

Orgen is a Turkey-based supplier, installer, and integrator of professional audio, video, and security equipment. Catering to both businesses…Read More

Queue Management Sys.

Organized queuing management solutions aim to optimize time for providing better service to customers and enabling employees to perform their…Read More

Closed-Circuit Camera Sys.

The threat of crime and terrorism is steadily increasing day by day worldwide, and in parallel, there is a rapidly growing demand for high-quality video…Read More

Data and Structural Cabling

Data and Structural Cabling constitute the fundamental building blocks of living spaces in today’s world. Incorrect design of Data and Structural Cabling can lead…Read More

Central Satellite TV-SMATV

SMATV or Satellite Master Antenna Television is an excellent system for distributing various television and radio channels to multiple locations. Hotels, hospitals…Read More

Emergency Lighting Sys.

Emergency Lighting, whether in a hotel or an office, refers to the lights that automatically turn on or remain illuminated when the power source to the building’s…Read More

Barrier Sys.

Vehicle barriers are excellent systems for controlling traffic management. Vehicle barriers can be modified to suit field operations…Read More

About Our Company

Quality, Technology & Innovation

Since our establishment, we have been sharing our knowledge and experience with you for over 25 years. Our company, equipped with highly skilled regional sales engineers and technical service teams in the field of Low Voltage Technologies, operates in the areas of fire detection, nurse call, public address, queue management, data and structured cabling, central satellite, emergency lighting, barrier, and closed-circuit camera systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Orgen?

With 25 years of experience, ORGEN provides services in the field of low-voltage technology solutions. Ready to assist you at all times, ORGEN has highly skilled Regional Sales Engineers and technical service teams throughout every region of Turkey.

What are your services?

At Orgen, we provide our customers with products and services in the field of low-voltage technologies such as fire detection, nurse call, public address, queue management, closed-circuit cameras, data-structural cabling, central satellite, emergency lighting, and barrier systems.

What do I need to do to benefit from Orgen services?

You can submit your application by contacting Orgen Call Center at 0 (312) 482 27 28 or through our website Our customer consultants will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What should you do in case of a malfunction or maintenance needs for your systems?

For all your malfunction, maintenance, and system capacity expansion requests related to low-voltage systems, simply call 0 (312) 482 27 28.

Is there a warranty for the products?

All products sold and installed by us are covered by distributor warranty. In case of any issues or problems, necessary procedures are handled by our company.

Do you provide technical support services?

At Orgen, technical support services for the products we sell and install are provided by our authorized personnel. Additionally, we offer system usage training to individuals who will operate the systems we activate, including guidance on actions to be taken in case of malfunctions and providing product documentation for the installed system. Individuals who undergo our training gain competence, ensuring the systems operate more efficiently and with full functionality.